The Sunday Times reported last week that the Government is to spend £50million on commemoration projects re WW1 Centenary. It is right and proper to remember the fallen of WW1 but what I do not understand is why there is £50m to spend on commemoration and not money to pay the living soldiers what they have earned and deserve?
Surely the best way to honour the soldiers of the past  is to look after the LIVING soldiers and fully honour the contracts on which they have risked their lives? I urge Mr Cameron to review the current redundancy pension injustice for long serving soldiers of today’s “warrior genertion”… Who have seen as much active service as the soldiers of WW1 and have bourne witness to war in all its modern day impersonal horrors in all our names, whether we agreed or disagreed with the reasons we found ourselves in these battle zones around our modern world… The honour and respect we owe our service men and women doesn’t change as modern warfare develops.  Professional soldiers, ones who choose to committ to the values and standards of service life, deserve to be treated as professionals and not expendable commodities, to be tossed aside without their promised “just rewards”. 
It is frankly appalling that Ministers and MPs continue to spout the Govt statistical line that only 1.2% are affected by this “shortchanging” of pensions as though to justify this appalling treatment of courage, committment and duty….a scandal Lord Touhig likened to the Maxwell scandal for its immorality on 31 Oct 2013 in the House of Lords. 
I believe, and I believe the Government and all Parliamentarians should believe, that one soldier missing out on their “just” rewards is one soldier too many. I urge Mr Cameron to put this matter on his “to do” list for 2014. Restoring Trust in the Immediate Pension, now that really would be a fitting memorial to all soldiers past, present and future! One within his power to achieve. Actions not pretty words or medals Mr Cameron, actions that will actually impact on the lives of the soldiers and their families.
Please sign our petition and pass our link on through your facebook contacts to do the same help send a message to Mr Cameron to review this injustice to longserving soldiers and their families.
Thank you http://change.org/pensionjusticefortroops


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