BETRAYAL of LOYAL SERVICE: Army Wife has her say….


Laura Richards, wife of an Army Company Commander, made redundant in last year’s Tranche 2 redundancies, just 200 days short of his Immediate Pension Point, speaks out on Radio York.  She and her husband and their young family feel utterly let down by the Army & the Government. They will be losing 50% of the pension on which he was recruited, retained and promoted. 

How would you feel if you had fulfilled 95% of your contract of employment and then got 50% of the promised payments? How would you feel if this job involved risking your life on more than one ocassion and leading and ensuring the safety of others under your responsibility and command?  How would you feel if your husband was treated in this way?

The Immediate Pension is THE key financial promise around which all service families plan their financial lives.   Laura, her husband and their two young children need your support to put this right.  There are other long-serving soldiers in the same positition and they need your help.

Listen to Laura on Radio York speaking to Elly Fiorintini Tues 18th June 2013: Go to: 1hr 17 mins in – 1 hr 25 mins

Army Wife has her say .. 1hr 17 mins in –

Please sign the petition and pass on to your friends and family to do the same.  Please write to your MP and ask them to challeng the Government on this. 

It is just not acceptable for Mr Cameron to say how much he values our Armed Services one day and then treat the men and women who dodge the bombs and bullets so unfairly on another. 

The Immediate Pension SHOULD have been taken into consideration when making the calcuations for redundancy payments for those who have committed to an army career and who were close to pension point.  Please help put this right so that this does not happen to others loyal, committed and hardworking soldiers like Laura’s husband in the future. 

Please Sign our Petition:


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