Major Christopher Braithwaite: why he feels betrayed

“A small number of servicemen and their families have been unfairly treated as a result of redundancies. The military pension scheme is hugely important to those who serve in our armed forces; it is THE key consideration for servicemen and their families in determining whether to serve a few years in the Army or to commit for a much longer period in order to qualify for a retirement income.
As a serviceman who committed to the Army for a full career, it is deeply insulting to have the rug pulled within days of qualifying for a pension, (87 days to be exact in my case), when colleagues who joined the Army on the same day will serve a few more weeks (on resettlement and leave) and receive a remuneration package worth twice that which we and similarly affected families receive.
To add insult to injury, the only recourse available to servicemen (the Service Complaint system) has failed to deal with our complaints despite my having lodged a complaint 7 months ago. There are clear political and economic reasons for redundancies, and I don’t dispute their validity. Redundancy isn’t great, but as long as every serviceman and family affected is afforded fair treatment and timely closure, then the government and MOD will have acted properly. The military covenant specifically demands fair reward and access to recourse, neither of which we have received to date. Senior Army officers have failed in their duty to servicemen and their families, and to uphold the Values and Standards of the Army and the Military Covenant.
Military command is a unique and special privilege which I have been lucky enough to experience. It is fundamentally about mutual trust. If the senior management of the Army have ‘forgotten’ their fundamental duty to servicemen and their families, they could take a moment to reflect on their experiences and might be able to recall the motto of the Royal Military Academy: Serve to Lead. Thank you for your support.”
You can join Chris on twitter:  @CEB_Chris
Major Braithwaite is a veteran of the Balkans, Iraq & Afghanistan. He, like others in  this small group of long serving soldiers  made compulsorily redundant close to pension point, are being unfairly treated by the Government and it needs to be put right.   He has served his country with honour and dedication.  We now ask you to give him your support and sign the on-line Parliamentary petition below.  Please share the link and put on your facebook page.  Help send a message to the Government that ALL soldiers who are prepared to lay down their lives for the country should be treated with fairness and respect.
Please sign our petition:
You can hear Chris talking about the issue here:

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