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A Broken Government Promise Written in BLOOD!

Hear me rant a bit on Larry’s show!  (I’m not a trained media person…and its quite hard having a “conversation” with someone live on air! ) Go to to 105 minutes in. Also go to 129 mins in and hear John, an ex Royal Marine, make some interesting points including one about equipment! Listen to Larry Lamb discussing …

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BETRAYAL of LOYAL SERVICE: Army Wife has her say….

Laura Richards, wife of an Army Company Commander, made redundant in last year’s Tranche 2 redundancies, just 200 days short of his Immediate Pension Point, speaks out on Radio York.  She and her husband and their young family feel utterly let down by the Army & the Government. They will be losing 50% of the pension …

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Major Christopher Braithwaite: why he feels betrayed

      “A small number of servicemen and their families have been unfairly treated as a result of redundancies. The military pension scheme is hugely important to those who serve in our armed forces; it is THE key consideration for servicemen and their families in determining whether to serve a few years in the Army …

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