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The Army Pension Plan – by Martin Rowson The Issue:   A small group of soldiers, with substantial years of service and operational tours, were given notice of compulsorily redundancy in June 2012, close to their entitlement to an immediate pension, some within days.   As a consequence they are losing out on immediate pension payments worth thousands of pounds over a lifetime. How …

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The Military Covenant – by Saul David

The Military Covenant by Saul David Britain has long acknowledged a ‘duty of care’ to its armed forces that dates back to the reign of Henry VIII.   It began as an unspoken pact between society and the military, and was only formally codified by the British Army as a ‘covenant’ in the year 2000. The …

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Thousands of troops face early axe ‘to end uncertainty’

The article below made me gasp with disbelief!  I just can’t understand how making people redundant earlier than expected could somehow relieve people of  “uncertainty”, which is what the spokesman for the MoD is quoted as suggesting.  As if the Minister of Defence is doing the soldiers and their families a favour by moving things forward!  This …

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