Why won’t the MoD do the right thing?

Why won’t the MOD do the right thing and change the policy that sees war hardened, experienced soldiers, discharged from the Army days before their immediate pension points?

The ‘unpensionables’, who are all being made compulsory redundant within 1 year of their immediate pension points, are being denied the financial security on which they have risked their lives and planned their futures and the MOD is content to let this happen.

Instead of demonstrating loyalty and courage the MOD keeps on hiding behind the statement that the ‘unpensionables’ will all receive significantly enhanced payment packages and preserved pensions when they are discharged.  This is correct, but what the MOD are not then saying is that this significantly enhanced package does not even total 25% of the total entitlement these soldiers would get if they were allowed to serve as little, in some cases, as an additional 79 days.

The ‘unpensionables’ have served loyally for 15 years, deployed on numerous operational tours to Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and have made countless family sacrifices upon the expectation that they would receive their pensions.  To deny them within a matter of days is immoral, deceitful and goes against every single value and standard on which the Army prides itself.

Rules could be changed to allow these soldiers to serve their additional days yet the MOD instead believes the redundancy is a job well done as only 1.2% (less than 50) people are affected by this situation.  Whilst it may only be 1.2% now what will it be on Tranche 3 and 4 when up to 15,000 soldiers will be made redundant?

The ‘unpensionables’ are not after extortionate additional payments or reversal of redundancy decisions but simply the opportunity to gain what they have worked for during the last 15 years.  They believe they are an anomaly in the system due to their small number and simply ask that they get what they have legitimately risked their lives for.  A small change for the MOD but a massive change for those affected.

Please sign the  e-petition if you agree and help get these cases reviewed.



1 Comment

  1. Colin Smith

    The MOD should be embarrassed, this is quite appalling! The cost of putting this RIGHT is small fry in comparison with the money the MOD has waisted in managing contract poorly… (BOWMAN etc)

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